Contract Submitted and Accepted!

Wow, for the three of you who actually read this blog, you may be starting to pick up the fact that my life moves fast. Less than three weeks since I have started the condo search, I have submitted an offer that was accepted after some negotiation!

I really didn’t think it would move so fast but the properties were starting to move a lot faster and there were many that were listed that I wanted to go and see, only to find out that there was already an offer in place. This kind of lit a fire under my butt and had me pushing my real estate agents hard to provide quick showings.  I had found a fairly established agent at first, then felt that he was too slow. He would tell me he’d contact me Wednesday, only to have me contact him on Thursday, and I would finally get the information I had requested on Friday. After a week of this and missed properties (yes, there were ones that I really wanted to see that got sold during this week), I fired him and got a new agent. She’s young and hungry and real “hustler” as my friend who referred us described.

On our second day of showing, this was the first building to see. I fell in love with the building, saw it again twice the next day and submitted an offer the following morning. It was originally priced higher than my goal price but, thanks to my agent’s tough negotiating, we ended up with the condo at just below my maximum price with appliance warranty.

So the real stressful part now begins. I have to make sure that the mortgage approval goes through without any hiccups, have 10% down payment + closing costs (approx $7,000!!!), and move out in a short period of time (4 day window). I will of course document the process so that my readers can know what to expect of the stressful process.



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