Case of the “I want”s

Although I may have had an epiphany with my mind shift, it doesn’t mean that my desires to spend money have disappeared. As I try my best to ensure I have enough cash for the down payment and closing, I am seriously being hit by the case of “I want”s.

I want a new wardrobe. After recent purge of stuff to eDrop Off for sale, my closet seems so bare. I hope that I will feel better once I have received my sales check.

I want a new work purse. Mine is literally falling apart at the seams. I would love a Neverfull but, at that price tag, I am hoping that I want it only because I am feeling deprived of spending. I carry my laptop with me everywhere so it would be silly to purchase such an expensive bag. If anything, I feel like I should sell some of my purses since I have so many (although, none are daily work suitable).

I want new furniture. The new place is a totally different look and feel than my current place so I need new stuff, right? No, I have decided that until my EF is fully funded again, I will hold off on spending any money on decorating. That will also give me some time to utilize and analyze the space and design an intentional living space around it.

I want expensive ingredients. I want truffles and exotic produce and fruits. But I am trying to rely mostly on existing food in my pantry/fridge/freezer and purchasing only necessary ingredients.

I want to eat out. I want to enjoy the few lovely days I have left in downtown (I will be “beached” as of next Friday) and eat the fancy foods around my current client site. But I am being committed to bring lunch everyday, even if it may seem odd. Today I had hot crab dip with pita chips.

I want a vacation. I haven’t had a vacation since end of 2011 holidays. I have had a lot happen in 2012 and I deserve a vacation. I thought about using my miles to jet off somewhere but vacations always cost money. I will possibly reward myself after fully funding my EF by taking a trip somewhere.

So many things I want… but I am telling myself, I want a place of my own and that will bring me more joy than anything I’ve listed above. 🙂

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