Saying Goodbye To My Balcony Garden

One of the big draws for my current rental was the balcony. The view was obstructed by a building in the same condo complex, but it was my little piece of outdoors. I had tried a little bit of window gardening at the previous place and was overjoyed by the thought of growing my own vegetables.

So I planted potatoes, cucumber, garlic, onions, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and lemon and lime tress in pots. Unfortunately the unit is East facing, which meant that my plants only received so much light. Potato plans were looking great and flowered, but my dog decided he likes to act like a bunny and to hop through area, killing the plants in the process. My garlic plants have been trampled on by birds that like to hang out. Tomatoes have not yet produced a single tomato, although it has been flowering for awhile. The only success have been lettuce and the herbs.

Now that I am packing and preparing to move and the new space lacks an outdoor space, I have decided to part with most of my plants. It has been a difficult decision but I have realized that my goal was to save money on produce from growing my own, which has yet to occur. Especially when you compare the price of organic produce available from say Costco (where two heads of butter lettuce is $2), the money savings is nonexistent.  I may invest in an Aerogarden or two for herbs and lettuce and will try indoor gardening with a tomato and pepper plant along with lemon and lime trees, but I will have to give up everything else.

My potato, onion, and garlic plants will all be harvested today, in preparation for the first showing tomorrow. It will be bittersweet, as I considered gardening to be my first “grown up” hobby.

I will hope that in the very near future, I will have a big produce garden that will be able to feed me year around. But until then, I will have to continue to rely on Costco and grocery stores for my food.

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