Do These People Work???

As part of me being “beached“, I went to Starbucks across the street, hoping being there will get me to focus better on work. It is Wednesday at 1pm when I go in and the place looks like the image below, but in day time with more women.

I am quite confused because most of these folks do not look like they are on a coffee break from work. A lot of women are dressed very “bohemian” or like they just got out of their yoga studios, which are all very not work appropriate for 90% of jobs out there. They are in their 20s or 30s and very few of them look like they are doing work. They are too old to be in college and they seem to have money (indicated by their Prada purses). It is one of the more affluent neighborhoods of Chicago but I still can’t quite grasp how they would have the money to just hang out. So what do they do that they can be here during a weekday midday?

Do I sound judgmental? I hope not because I am not looking down at them but am jealous that they have such freedom.

As I continue to ponder my goals for the next few years, I am realizing more and more of wanting to work for myself. When I was younger I thought I wanted that high powered life but, having it now, I am realizing that work travels, expense accounts, hobnobbing with executives… they all come at a price. That price for me has resulted in increased stress, physical toll (I have gained 25lbs due to nonstop travel for 13 weeks straight, I am constantly battling eye ulcer), and general unhappiness. I want to give it my 100% for 6 hrs because it is needed rather than putting in 12+ hr days while giving it my 50% just because that is what is expected.  It seems somewhat silly since I didn’t need an MBA to do the stuff I am thinking of starting to be self employed, but I am learning late in life what makes me happy. I will share more insights when I post my next goals, but I know I will not continue my job if I didn’t need the money.

Are you often perplexed by young people in their 20s and 30s wandering around the city midday on Monday – Fridays? Am I the only person jealous that they have the freedom to do so?

7 responses to “Do These People Work???

  1. My bet is that they do work, but they work as bartenders or servers in the evening. that’s my experience, anyway, with meeting people at Starbucks during the day. Either that or they don’t work or do anything.. lol.

  2. I agree with Addvodka. I will even be at the local coffee shop during the day when I have a day off, but I wouldn’t be caught dead with a Prada purse unless it was a free gift…….way out of my budget. As a nurse, you get a lot of days off during the week, but I am not rich by any means and I definitely work for a living! When I see others at the coffee shop, I do wonder what they do for a living that allows them to be there, men and women alike. I feel you girl!

  3. Hi Caitlin, I’m a fairly new reader to your blog. I personally ask myself the EXACT same question. Then I try and rationalize. If they look like they are in school (undergrad or grad) I have a “just you wait until your working” mental comment. If older, so I don’t get overly jealous by their apparent freedom, I think that they might work night shifts as a nurse or an orderly which has to be difficult.

  4. @addvodka, @nurse frugal and @Blair, I am glad that other people ponder too. I know there are night jobs but I was still surprised by the sheer number of folks. I didn’t think about nurses or doctors but that would make sense since the “medical district” is nearby. Thanks for your comments!! 🙂

  5. @Blair, I stopped by your blog and tried to leave you a comment but it won’t show the comment form.. Not sure if he link is broken or if you intended on not receiving comments. Thanks for stopping by here and glad you left a message, which has allowed me to find your blog. Congrats on reaching your emergency fund goal!

  6. Thanks Caitlin, I installed a few plugins to prevent spam comments I was getting. I will have to figure out my issue. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Well, when you work M-F 9-5, you easily forget how many people DON’T. I didn’t used to work a normal schedule (journalist). Cops, medical staff, call centre staff, even hospo and retail staff don’t work 9-5. And of course there are growing numbers of the self-employed and freelancers.

    I also get to go out to events and whatnot during the day as part of my job, so you might see me wandering around the city for a little while before and after those!

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