Self Control

Moving is always expensive but it seems more expensive for me than others. This is because I am one of those people who needs to feel settled in ASAP. Even in college, when friends will hang out together after returning from vacations I would be busily unpacking, unwilling to do anything until I felt like I was settled. This, as an independent adult, has meant purchasing furnitures right away.

It was that way at the apartment I have been for the last seven months. I purchased furnitures such as the bed frame, desk, and nightstands right away, telling myself that being settled in quickly would translate to increased productivity. Yeah, needless to say that wasn’t the case.

So with this new place I am practicing self restraint and self control. My goal is to make do with the items I have for now, live in the space until the end of the year noting how I use the space and then see how furniture would fit into the bigger picture — utilizing every space efficiently and effectively. The difference between my current place and the new place is that it will be a space I own, one that I can customize. If I think the bedroom layout is funny (which, it is), I can actually change it to make it more functional. But I can’t just start tearing down walls — I need every action to be intentional.

I feel that I am constantly rushing into decision. It has served me well so far, mind you, but as I contemplate my career and pace of life I am beginning to think maybe it is time to slow down, to fully assess situations, to weight pros and cons thoroughly, then create a plan of action. Which is how I am trained to handle business issues, after all. I am also hoping that this more thoughtful and restrained period in home decorating will start to bleed in to other areas of my life.

Sorry for the boring post but, for some reason, I find myself more pensive and reflective of my decisions and my life path with this upcoming move. And this blog is my outlet to voice not just money issues but my thoughts on life. One of the goals in my life is for everything to be more intentional: no more wasting energy on things “just because” since that is the time and energy I could spend on things that truly bring me joy.

All these thoughts will be hopefully summarized more succinctly when I post my updated goals.


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