My Ultimate Test In Minimalism

It seems that minimalism and personal finance blogs seem to go hand in hand. It makes sense — the less you purchase the more money you can save or invest. Over the years the number and volume of items I own have definitely decreased.I remember having enough clothes to fill up my current closet, but I have only taken up half after numerous donations and sales (I use e-drop off).

But it is still amazing the sheer number of items I own. Although I feel like I am constantly purging, each time I move I realize it is still too much.

Due to problems with our lender, the condo purchase is being significantly delayed. I need to move out of our current apartment since the landlord already has another renter lined up beginning Aug 1st, but we are not sure when we will be able to move in. Until we do move in to the new place, we will be staying with some friends who consider us family and have graciously offered  their guest rooms to us. We are so grateful and the last thing I want is to make them uncomfortable at their own home.

One of the ways to ensure I do not inconvenience them, I have decided to take only two carry-on bags for clothes and work related items. This is a bit more complicated than it sounds since I do not have an office and I need to have items that are travel ready in case I get shipped off at the last minute to some client engagement (oh the joys of being a consultant!). I also need to make sure I have all documents necessary for the mortgage, just to be safe.

So for the next two weeks, I will practice extreme minimalism. Maybe this will end up being a lesson in learning to live with much less.



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