Awful Landlords

As I have mentioned before, I have had some bad experiences with my landlord. Today has been more of the same, unfortunately. I am really sick and tired of this guy and I am so looking forward to not having a landlord.

To recap that previous post, my landlord and I had signed a 6 month lease with a promise from him that it will be month to month at the same monthly rate thereafter. When the 6 month lease expired, I received a notice that I need to renew my lease and the rate would stay the same “as long as [I] agree to his terms.” He then wrote what seemed like a bullying email, trying to misrepresent the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance (LTO).  Then, when we were doing showing, he made requests that I do not cook dinner at my house on the days of his showing when I complained that he left the lights on in my unit. This was a complaint because I friggin pay for the electric bill!

Well the latest is involving the move out. I believe the unit is in the same condition as when I moved in, he does not. It is a difficult area to answer since I did not pay a security deposit and we did not do a detailed move in checklist. He told me that he has hired cleaners to come in and that it will be $100. Not wanting to argue, I told him I agree on $100 being the maximum (I found other places that I can get done for as low as $40) and will pay him once he sends me the receipt/invoice of this housecleaning service.  He is now sending empty emails telling me to “decide which direction this will go”, which is ridiculous since I believe I have agreed with him. It has finally gotten to the point that I reiterated my stance and told him the only reason he should contact me now is to send me the receipt/invoice, upon receiving which I will pay.

The whole situation is funny and sad at the same time to me. The landlord is a guy in his 50s, so old enough to know better. LinkedIn search has pulled up that he works for a local bank in mid-level management, which tells me he should know that empty emails talking about emotions without specifying actions desired won’t bring results. He also should make sure he is following the CTLO himself before misleading the tenants to believe he as a landlord has more rights than he really does.

This morning I wrote reviews on yelp, trying to make sure that others who consider renting from him know what they are getting into. I will do a follow up post on what should be considered when posting reviews, especially since lawsuits have stemmed from yelp reviews.

:: sigh :: I can’t wait until all this ends…




One response to “Awful Landlords

  1. There are really awful landlords exists everywhere.Landlords that can make your everyday living even worst.

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