Stock Pile Fail

Over the last few years, I have worked off and on to build a stock pile. Usually I would be more focused on the stock pile when I am also focused on couponing but, due to the amount of time and energy it takes to coupon, I realistically add to my stock pile once a month or so.  Lately some of the items I have focused on building were meat and dairy. Chicken, cheese, and butter, when on sale, would be purchased in multiples because the latest news of drought all say that it will drastically increase food prices.

This mortgage fiasco, however, has ended in an epic fail for my stock pile.

I had a decent sized fridge and a small chest freezer at my last place. The original plan was to just tape up the chest freezer from my old rental to the new place but the delay in the mortgage closing and having to move out of my rental has meant placing everything in a storage unit. Having a storage unit in the city also means the storage space does not have electricity.  I have decided that asking my friends to keep my freezer is too much to ask, which means I had to let go of the freezer storage items. I am disappointed that I had to let those items go since they were all waste of money in the end.

In hindsight, once I knew that I was moving I should have worked to reduce the stockpile. In my defense, since I was moving only 6 blocks away, I did not think reducing my stockpile was really an issue. The problem was the mortgage not closing on time and there is very little I could have done to prevent that. Once I am moved into my place, I will need to start rebuilding it again, especially since the food price hike isn’t too far away.

Have you had any issues with stock piles? Please share!




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