First appliance down — Dishwasher

It’s only been a week since we have moved into the new condo and we already have our first casualty — the dishwasher! Since we are still unpacking I have been loading the dishwasher at least 1x a day to wash everything before putting them away. Today I heard the door make a funny sound and, when I went to close it, found it to stick to the bottom lip of the dishwasher and not close.

Luckily for us, we knew that the appliances were past their life expectancy (most dishwashers last 10 years and ours is from 1985) and we had the seller purchase a 2 year appliance warranty. This means that I pay $100 per incident or the cost, whichever is lower. $100 is still a lot of money for me but, it does give me some reassurance to know that this is the most this issue could cost me. And? I am hoping that this is some big issue and they will need to replace the entire dishwasher altogether. Again, based on the age of the dishwasher, I would be surprised if they still made parts for this thing.

It will be interesting to see how many appliances break in the next two years while our warranty is active. I have a feeling that the seller (a single man in his early 30s) didn’t really use appliances so they might be in shock with my family’s constant use…



One response to “First appliance down — Dishwasher

  1. That’s rough, $100 each time certainly adds up!

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