Where I’ve been…

Gosh, I keep on neglecting this blog! Part of it is that work has been crazy and the other part of it is just that I am still trying to get unpacked and settled in at my new condo, almost a month after moving! 

On the job front, I just had my semi-annual review and received my bonus. During the review I realized that there is miscommunication on both of our ends (like him having certain expectations on how things will look or how much time will be put in but do not communicate with me; me assuming that he remembers our previous conversations therefore I do not tell him why I am networking with someone, etc). But there is still the big frustration that my life is unpredictable not because of the work itself but because of his disorganization, and I do not foresee that improving in the near future. 

I have started to reach out to recruiters and apply for jobs whenever I see anything that I find to be a good fit. The good thing is, having full employment now means I can be more picky and apply to ones that I only want, rather than anything for which I may qualify. It is a bit hectic to juggle the recruiters as I need to be proactive and follow up with them constantly, or I risk just being another resume they have in their database.

On the home front, things are falling into place, albeit slowly. I have spent a lot of time getting my office put together, which is especially important as I juggle job search and my full time employment. The bedroom and the living room will not be completed for a long time as the bedroom needs some demo work and until then the furniture that do not fit stays in the living room. We have random clutter (I am staring at two light bulbs on the windowsill as we speak) to put away but it is almost guest ready. 

Financially, thanks to not needing to pay my first mortgage until October and the bonus check, I have finally hit my minimum emergency fund which will last me 6 months on bare-bone budget. I will write more about why I would rather beef up my EF rather than pay down my student loans quicker on a later post.

I am sorry for the absence (again) and I will try to be better about it. It’s just been tough juggling all things. How have you been doing? 

2 responses to “Where I’ve been…

  1. Can I ask how frequently you and your boss touch base on expectations, either short or long term, big or small points?

    Is the miscommunication because of infrequency of communication or because you’re literally not understanding each other? I ask because I and my boss sometimes have problems with the first OR the second and it’s easier to solve the problem when you know which problem you’re dealing with. I do get along great with my boss but it’s easy for these things to creep in.

    Well I guess it’s neither here nor there if you’re looking for another position anyway 🙂

    But yes, I think that start-up jobs are realistically not all the sort-of-semi glamorous hotbed of innovation, strategy, creativity, opportunity etc. that they’ve been popularly made out to be on superficial observation of how start-ups work.

  2. Hi Revanche,

    At this point, I am fairly certain that it is not due to infrequency of communication but more of him not providing the support I need as his employee and him probably not realizing what he wants. I have had big projects like the strategic plan that was presented to the Board of Directors. I have never actually written a plan and definitely never for a client company, so I asked for his feedback. I never received his feedback on the deliverable and had to just march on alone. This incident that got me to start looking elsewhere occurred a day after he asked me how we are dividing up the work. I told him that myself and the other person involved are doing half of the work each and he didn’t seem to have any issues with this. But the next day he actually was yelling at me, telling me that he was expecting me to do 90% of the work. Had he approached it from “I’ve thought about it and I think Sally’s time would be better spent working on this other project so I want you to lead this one”, I would not have any issues. I’ve spoken with Sally and another coworker who has recently left the firm and both have told me that this is somewhat of a normal reaction from my boss. While some might be okay with this, I am not, which is why I am looking elsewhere.

    Yeah, it sounds exciting to be part of a start up but when the company is like mine and lacks infrastructure and support mechanisms, it just means constantly putting out fires and not getting ahead. Then the crappy labor laws in IL means that companies under 50 do not qualify for FMLA and there are no state laws to mitigate this (federal law requires FMLA for companies over 50 only, but states like CA have supporting laws that require it to be extended to any company larger than 10), which will become a problem in the long run.

    I have found it somewhat difficult juggling interviews at this point but I am hoping I am making headway. Hopefully my time here will be short lived 🙂

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