Educating myself

As much as I like to think that I am fairly money and business savvy after two grueling years of business school, I am constantly reminded of all things that I do not know. I feel like proportion of what I do not know versus what I do know is staggering. 

One of the areas is investing. Sure, I have learned how to read SEC reports and I know how to calculate my CAPM, etc. but I actually do not know much about options. In order to change this, I have been spending some time reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. I know that Robert Kiyosaki and some of his teachings are controversial (like borrowing money to make money) but I do agree with him that knowledge is power. I am hoping that in about ten years time I will be able to retire and I know that stocks and mutual funds (whether I do options or not) will be a big part of getting me to that early retirement. 

So I am trying to spend a few hours each day educating myself on this topic. I feel silly that even with me being in business, this is still an uncharted territory. Wish me luck. 

One response to “Educating myself

  1. Investing is interesting. I’ve had retirement funds (primarily mutual funds) for about ten years now and a small personal portfolio (stocks and bonds) for about five, and I still don’t claim to “know” much. I definitely don’t mess with options yet.

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