Where I’ve Been, Part Deux

The reason for my hiatus again has involved the job search. Originally it started with juggling the high number of recruiters. I received contact information of over 70 recruiters from a friend and sent a mass email, which then meant that I was constantly meeting with them in person (so they can make sure I am not a scary weirdo) or fielding their calls. It got to a point that I started a log to keep their names, companies, and opportunities we discussed straight. I learned that working with recruiters really could be a hit or a miss. Some are really excellent at matching you up with positions right away, while some are flaky and will contact you about a position one day and never follow up with you again.

I was getting really stressed out since I wasn’t able to really complete my day to day tasks at my current work while juggling the recruiters. It was to a point that I was wondering if I will be able to keep my current position while job searching.

Finally last week, I started to receive some good news. I had a first round interview at a company where they gave me a verbal offer 24 hrs later. I really liked the energy of the employees and it offers an exciting opportunity to grow my career, although it also will require ridiculous number of hours and benefits leave little to be desired. I have asked for more time to decide because I had a final round interview at a large, Fortune 500 company on Friday. Today, I received the call from that company with an offer. The work is somewhat predictable, great benefits, and I loved the approach that my potential future boss has in developing talent.

So now, I am pulling out my hair trying to decide which would be better. The Fortune 500 will give my resume a name recognition that it lacks (I have worked for smaller companies so far), much more structure (means I know that I can get a promotion every year), higher salary, and excellent benefits. The smaller company will give me that start-up type experience, much more responsibilities, and a shorter commute (10 min walking distance). I find it extremely challenging to decide because I feel that I am at that point in my life where this position I take needs to be baby-friendly since if I have kids I anticipate that we will start in 3-4 years. This puts more pressure to make sure this job is a right fit for a longer haul since I don’t want to be in a position where I start a new job and then go on a maternity leave shortly after.

I will be making my decision by tomorrow. Although it is stressful to make the decision, I am extremely thankful that I have a good problem to have in choosing a company. I always based my emergency fund on having at least 6 months expenses because I assumed that a job search would take about that long. I have only been actively looking for a month and a half. I am thankful that I took the very first position out of business school that I did and received the certifications that is now a high demand.

I will be back in a few days with my decision. Thanks everyone for following my blog, despite it being extremely boring at times!



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