Originally I had said that I will be making my decision by yesterday. I guess I sort of did but not 100%.

I have one company (the one that I think I will go with) start the background check since that will take a week or so to complete. I don’t think there is anything that will be flagged (other than my 1 speeding ticket) but it has been intimidating. I have had other jobs that required background check, etc but most had me fill out a form and everything was done behind the scene. This one actually had the third party administrator call to ask questions and I know that they have been hounding my previous employers and references. They told me everything has come in, including the criminal background, but they are waiting on a few other items. Huh? When I asked what they were (if they are looking at my background I figure I have the right to know what information they are gathering), they couldn’t even tell me. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this a common practice that I just wasn’t aware of previously?

The other company is still finalizing their offer. They sent one over but it did not include some important elements so it is back to their corporate office for a revision. I am sitting on both hoping that with meditation and prayer, the choice will become more obvious.

Until then, I am just waiting for the background check to clear and for me to make the official choice. The choice would determine when I can take a week off between work, so I can’t make any travel arrangements right now. I am also trying to determine whether I can take 2 weeks off instead of one (I have 2 weeks of vacation that would be paid out), and whether I should even if I could since that money could go towards some home remodeling that is desperately needed.

I guess I am just having one of those weeks where everything hinges on one decision and I am still staring at the fork in the road, hoping that I won’t regret whatever decision I make. Whenever I was down about my current employment I was seriously down about the fact that I had ended the interview process early at a company and I don’t want to feel that way at the new opportunity.

How does this impact personal finance? It actually matters on multiple levels. One is a much higher paying job (difference between the two offers are 5 figures) with much better health and retirement benefits. Having been at a company for a year that offers only HSA and no vision or dental and being blind as a bat and needing wisdom teeth removed, that will be big cost savings. The other is more of a fun environment with a much shorter commute and more responsibilities. But the benefits suck (HSA only, no vision or dental) and the lack of a commute will most likely translate to increased work hours anyway. Unfortunately, unlike most of my classmates from business school, I have never been one of those people who thought money and big name is everything, which is why I am stuck.

Hopefully very very soon I will be able to give you guys a good news that I have made up my mind and can move forward. A new job also means a new budget, which is always exciting (at least, when the salary is moving in the right direction). Thanks for sticking around, even during my boring updates!

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