Should I spend or save?

I am still stuck in the endless debacle of background search. Seriously, I have gone through an FBI background search before for an internship before and even that did not take this long.

Anyway, one of the big things I am looking forward to is taking a break between work. My immediate and extended family live in California and I haven’t seen them in over a year. Since then my dad has battled cancer successfully and my cousin had the cutest chubbiest baby. I am excited to spend some time with them and my dog that my parents have kidnap and won’t give back. Then, S and I are planning on going to San Diego for a long weekend to relax. 

Technically, this is a frivolous spending, especially the long weekend in San Diego. I anticipate my visit to my parents will cost me about $300 (flight + food + gas) and San Diego will cost about $1,250 for both of us (flight + hotel + food + entertainment). This is money we can put towards the mortgage or to finally cap off the emergency fund. But, at the same time, I think it’s important to be connected to my family and also take a little breather between jobs. I will be “under review” for the first 90 days after the start of the employment, which will mean it will be difficult to do this trip except around Christmas.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? Currently I am $1000 or so short of my 6 month minimum EF and I am going to receive a healthy increase in salary with the new position but I do feel like $1500 is a lot of money to spend in one month. Your advice would be greatly appreciated…

8 responses to “Should I spend or save?

  1. Heather near Atlanta

    Family. Always family. (Have a good time!)

    Heather near Atlanta

  2. I would spend it! If you have a break, use it, as you might not have this amount of time for awhile.

  3. I think I would go with spending it too. especially if you’re starting a new job and don’t know how long it will be before you get to take another vacation. seize the day!

  4. deenadollars

    I would definitely spend it and enjoy the time with family. I would make a little extra effort to travel cheaply and stay in a crappy hotel if that wasn’t something I usually already did, but other than that, FULL STEAM AHEAD!

  5. Thanks everyone for your feedback! I definitely felt better about the spending and got excited about our travels but it turns out that S just started interviewing at a company and their next interview and assignment will be right during when we wanted to go to San Diego. So I will be going to CA alone to see family and skipping San Diego altogether. Boo.

    I appreciate everyone’s advice!

  6. I would spend it, too. You are so close to having 6 months in your EF that you will be able to cap it off in no time.

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