Waiting vs instant gratification

One thing I hate about moving is that furnitures never quite work out the same in the new space. With each move I am always forced to say goodbye to some pieces that no longer work and purchase new ones to fill the void. The last move to my condo was no different. I went from a 700sq ft space with balcony to 1150sq ft with no outdoor space. The island in the kitchen I had used as a dining area no longer exists and I have been forced to use the uncomfortable patio furniture as my dining set and toss the bar stools. Along with the true “remodeling” tasks we are also slowly giving the space a peraonality through furniture.

I am a typical Type A personality, which meant I had to hold myself back from going out and spending thousands of dollars to furnish and decorate. I strictly said that I do not want to purchase big items until 2013.

A month shy of that deadline, I purchased two pieces yesterday. I actually had been looking for a month now but finally found the item I want for the right price so i pulled the trigger. I was anle to purchase a 6 drawer dresser and a 3 drawer with a hutch for $200 total. Sure, it needs to be refinished but compared to $600 for a finished 6 drawer dresser only, it is worth the extra work. This purchase was the typical case when waiting was worth the $ saved.

As I continue to work on furnishing my place, I am constantly reminding myself that it is just a waiting game. Being in a large city like chicago, eventually what you are looking for will show up on craigslist for the right price. I can’t redo my house in an instant so take my time and accumulate pieces one by one.

Waiting game < $$$ paid for instant gratification.

4 responses to “Waiting vs instant gratification

  1. dollymixtures4me

    Hi Caitlin. I know your feelings of frustration as we moved house in June and are still sorting our place out. It’s sad when old furniture doesn’t fit or look right but it’s fun to be able to try out new ideas and find new great items or bargains to create a new home. I’ve had a little read around your blog and will be back πŸ™‚

  2. Laura | No More Spending

    Buying stuff for the home is my weakness so I can totally understand.

  3. I am glad I am not the only one. I always seem to be able to justify it with “when I come home, I want to be relaxed and I will feel more relaxed when things are the way they are supposed to be” and go nuts purchasing furniture! I am trying to be more restrained but we shall see how I do. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Dolly,

    Congrats on your new place! Yes, it is sad when you think that you have found the perfect item and there is no way you can get it to work (like the bar stools for me). But it definitely is fun shopping for furniture. Only if they could cost less… thanks for stopping by and please do come back!

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