Money pit?

When we purchased the house, due to the age of appliances, we made sure to include home warranty into our demand to the seller. And boy are we glad. Since August we have called to have our dishwasher, shower, and furnace fixed.

Although the warranty covers bulk of the fees, I have to pay $ 100 per visit.  Last Sunday our washer was leaking into the floor beneath or unit. Luckily there is no real damage other than wet walls. Aside from the $100 out of pocket there is the hassle of coordinating time with the repair co, etc. and, just my luck, the shower is acting up again. I am hoping that it will be fixed for free since this might be due to the last fix.

All of this long venting is to say, I am already tired of things breaking on us. I have been paying $100 each month on these repairs and I am tired of it. I know appliances aren’t designed to last forever but seriously how are things causing issues once a month? And how did the previous owner live with these issues with no warranty?

Did I buy a money pit without realizing it?

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