Buying appliances on craigslist

Before I begin, have you noticed that I post much more frequently now? That is because I received a new phone through work and it gets reception even underground on the el, which accounts for the majority of my commute! Thanks technology!

As I have stated yesterday, I plan on us using the coin laundry for the next few months., checking on Costco website I can buy a new set with delivery and haul away for under$1000. I did troll craigslist and found a few still with warranty but the items that cost less than Costco all had expired warranty. While most item I am okay with no warranty, I am not sure if I feel okay with used appliances.

Have you ever purchased a used appliance with no warranty? If so, what was your experience? would you recommend it?

One response to “Buying appliances on craigslist

  1. I haven’t bought any BIG appliances on Craigslist or secondhand, but I did buy a used microwave on Craigslist in 2007 that I love. With a washer/dryer.. Meh. It’s a risk. If the only way to save money over the Costco option is to buy secondhand without a warranty… Okay, to be honest, back when I was in debt and had money on my mind constantly, I would have risked it. I would have insisted that the machines be hooked up when I arrived and “test run” in front of me to make sure they appeared to work. If I knew anyone who could check out the inside of the machines for me, I’d bring them along. But the only reason I would do all of this is if it was going to save me quite a bit of money. You have to ask yourself if saving $50 (or however much it is) is worth the risk and potential mental stress of worrying that the machines you buy are lemons. Whatever you decide, it has to be a decision you feel good about at the end of the day.

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