The house remodel is still under way. The $200 cabinets are painted and just curing. Sometime mid next week I will put a varnish on it, then, a week later it is off to decorating it!

Luckily this has kept me busy. Other than Christmas spending and some house stuff because it was on a very steep sale (food processor for less than $20 when originally $100. Bread maker for $50, original price $200) and they had been on my wish list a long time, there have been no spending. Too bad I ended up doing all the Christmas shopping for my family because my sister is crazy busy with school and my mom just didn’t want to shop this year. It is a bit annoying (my mom more than my sister) but I am done and will sign everyone’s names to them.

Other than that, I feel like I am in a sell mode. Maybe it is because I am turning more minimalist, maybe I just realized I have excess of stuff, but things have been leaving the house. I sold my old phone on craigslist and will sell my iPhone too. I have sold a book case on craigslist and will be donating a few other items today to the goodwill. I had submitted my iPad 2 to Amazon trade in but it is being shipped back because I forgot to include a charger. So I will include it and send it back out.

I have also been thinking about 2013 and preparing to follow a new budget and achieve new savings goals. It is the year I will be focusing on reducing my student loans. So far the plan is to live on one check while saving the other. Since I contribute 15% to my 401k, get paid every two weeks, and did not include annual bonuses, this will be a significant savings rate. I also hope to max out my 2012 Roth (I have yet to contribute this year) since this may be my last few years I can qualify for them. My stretch goal will be to pay of the student loan in 2013.

If I can save that much in 2013, I will focus on saving just as much in 2014 to build the investment account.

And all this seems possible partly because of the new medication working to reduce depression. I had started to put done budgets together before but it had given me a kick in the pants to focus and get it set. I am in the process of “cleaning up my bank accounts” if you will so that I can be ready to implement starting January 1. More details to come.

That’s the quick update. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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  1. laura @ move to portugal

    Love all your goals/plans for 2013. Christmas shopping always makes me feel like selling stuff.

  2. Thanks Laura for your kind words. I am excited to see all the progress you and your husband will continue to make in 2013! 🙂

  3. Spring cleaning? 🙂

    I’ve been selling and decluttering like crazy lately. Good luck with your things.

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