A lot has been on my mind lately, too much that are not yet refined and thought through to really put here on the blog. Some are involving the tragedy in CT, some are involving the end of the year reflection, some are involving the future… 

One of the things I have been thinking through is how to change this blog. I want to capture various parts of my life here, not just money related items. I want to try to get into a regular schedule so that I am regularly posting, but I am not sure what topics to cover and what the schedule should be. 

I feel like 2012 was very eventful, which has contributed to me feeling like it is ending too quickly. I moved twice — once to a rental apartment and once to my own condo. I got a new job and all the day to day transition that comes with such a big change. I went through a lot of financial changes, largely due to roll over IRA, mortgage, new emergency fund requirement, and new goals reprioritized. 

In the next few days I will sit down and share my 2013 goals. Hopefully by then, my mind will be less of a jumble. 

How are you doing with the year end? If you are posting your 2013 goals, please leave a comment with the link to the post so I can check it out. 



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