About Caitlin

Caitlin is a 30 year old consultant, living with her husband Scott and fur-son in the Windy City. She has struggled with money for the good decade or so and is taking an active approach again to not let money rule her life.

With a little under $50k (as of 3/6/2012) in student loans, she is debating between saving to invest in a rental property or aggressively paying off her student loans. She intends to document her relationship and decisions with money, including her justifications and through process. She knows she will stumble along the way but is looking forward to receiving support and insights from others in the pf blogging community.

This former pf blogger has had a wide range of interests including growing her career, healthy living, minimalist lifestyle, and eventually creating passive income to balance her life. She spends her free time reading, decorating/organizing her home, cooking, and traveling.

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