The “Third Life” Project

About the Third Life Project

When I envisioned my 30s while I was still in college, my life was somewhat different than what I am living now. I thought I’d have my life figured out by the time I entered the real world at the ripe age of 22. Eight years later, I still have yet to have my life figured out.

Sure, I am living in the loft-style apartment that I still adored back then, I have a cute puppy, and I have a graduate degree and a good paying job, just like I dreamed of then. But my graduate degree is in a field completely different than what I had originally aimed for (MBA instead of a JD), that has determined my career path. I am married, which is a nice surprise (I didn’t think it’d happen until closer to 35, if ever at all).

But there is still a lot that I am struggling through. I am trying to navigate my career in a male dominated field and find that my upbringing and personality is not allowing me to move as quickly as I would like. I am still trying to decorate my home to create a restful sanctuary. I am still learning to manage and delegate chores with my husband as we continue to learn how to live together. I am learning new hobbies. I am learning to save money and to try to increase our investments.

I thought I would have my life figured out and I would be an accomplished grown up. I am now 30 and I feel like I am trying to catch up to what I should have spent my early 20s doing.

Lucky for me, the new saying is that 30 is the new 21. As more people attend grad school and we put off marriage into our 30s, that 30s is the time to figure out ourselves and the purpose of our existence. So, this is my third life project, documenting my journey and struggles as I try to get my life in order and learn to expand my knowledge, accomplishments, and interests further. Please poke around and drop me a line – I’d love to hear your advice or stories! Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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