Below are some of my favorite active personal finance blogs. Due to an unfortunate WordPress accident, some of the links I thought I was adding did not get added at all. If you would like to be included in my blogroll, please send me a message with a link to your site.

2 Million

A Gai Shan Life

Afford Anything

And Then She Saved

Blogging Away Debt

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Budgets are Sexy


Finding Serenity

Fiscally Chic

From Shopping to Saving

Funny About Money

Get Rich Slowly

Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Graduated Learning

Head Over Heels In Debt

Money Beagle

Mortgage Free by 30

Move to Portugal

My Pretty Pennies


No More Spending

Nurse Frugal

NZ Muse

Punch Debt in the Face

Surviving and Thriving

Well-Heeled Blog

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