10 Things I know Now About Getting Older

I recently came across an article on hitting that Age 30 milestone and the lessons learned. I am sure that based on each reader’s experience he/she will have a different thoughts on the reflection, and the article is a good starting point to begin reflecting on the lessons we have learned as we grow older.

Original Article: Turning 30: 10 Things I Know Now About Getting Older

Reflection #10: I am impressed with myself for simply ‘getting by.’

Hell yeah! I have achieved more than I ever dreamed of in my 20s when I feel like all I had was my motivation and bright-eyed look at the world. I learned that no matter what I am faced with, I will eventually learn how to step up to the challenge.

Reflection #9: No job will be entirely perfect.

This is actually something I have learned immediately after turning 30. I kept searching for work that can fulfill my greater purpose in life (which I am still seeking). But I have accepted that job is nothing more than a contract/transaction. I agreed to provide quality work and I am compensated with a salary in return. It is wonderful when folks are able to discover their purpose through work, but not everyone will be able to achieve that. I accept this and am at peace with this revelation.

Reflection #8: One of the most effective and long-lasting ways to learn is to mimic a good role model.

This is something that I am still working on. I have tried to focus more on “treat others as you would like to be treated” but this is probably a good idea to mimic a role model.

Reflection #7: For me, being heard, receiving genuine compliments, and nurturing physical affection are how I feel loved.

I have learned that in relationships, I feel loved when I am shown through actions that I have their loyalty and am supported unconditionally. Physical affections are always nice and so are compliments, but for me those are two elements I seek in those I love.

Reflection #6: Sometimes growing spiritually feels like dying.

Spiritual journey has been an ongoing, off and on, process for me. I am not sure I’d say it feels like dying (but maybe this is because I am not really spiritually growing) but I fear less in general.

Reflection #5: I am incredibly sensitive. So what?

I have stopped apologizing for being sensitive or getting hurt over others’ comments and actions. I have learned that my sensitivity gives me a different, more nurturing point of view when interacting with others and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Reflection #4: I am fortunate to have solely first world problems … and my problems aren’t insignificant.

Yes, I have first world problems but it also does not mean that they aren’t problems. I mentioned how I felt like I had no reason to be depressed and that I feel like these are first world problems and my therapist responded that yes, but it does not mean they are not problems. I am thankful that I am in a developed nation but I have also learned not to brush off my problems.

Reflection #3: There are going to be some MAJOR changes in our lifetime.

I feel like all of my 20s were major changes from career paths, locations, to relationships (friendships and romantic). I know that my life will face more major changes (deaths, births, more moving and career changes) but it has allowed me to enjoy the down times and the present.

Reflection #2: I still look pretty hot for 30.

I am a bit sensitive about looking older and have definitely added more to my skin care regimen, but I am happy with where I am. 🙂

Reflection #1: I wouldn’t go back in time for anything.

I am still young and there is so much life ahead of me. Why go back when you can navigate through uncharted territory?

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